Festival Organizer Matt Boyle talks about what to expect at the 2016 Original Festival.

Montana DNRC
Aug. 16, 2016

On August 13 Justin Beebe, a crewmember with the Lolo Interagency Hotshot crew, was fatally injured while

working on the Strawberry Fire in Great Basin National Park. The firefighting community extends condolences to

the family and friends of the deceased.

In the past 24 hours 12 new fires (2 BLM, 5 USFS, 2 MT, 2 local government and 1 ID) totaling 619 acres were

reported from the Northern Rockies Coordination Center. 3 large incidents are currently active in MT (Copper

King Fire, USFS; Race Horse Gulch Fire, BIA; Camp 4 Fire, BIA).

The newest fire is in Yellowstone National Park. Buffalo Fire – NPS. Monitor and point zone protection is the

management strategy. 130 acres; started 8/13; 0% contained; 7 total personnel, lightning caused, 5 miles NW of

Tower Junction, WY. Burning in short grass and closed

group torching and short-range spotting.

August 11, 2016

DNRC-the Northern Rockies Region has lowered to preparedness level 2 due to minimal fire activity. Nine regions in the US, currently have wildfire activity, the Northern Rockies is 5th priority. In the past 24 hours 16 new fires (2 BIA, 2 BLM, 5 USFS, 4 MT, 1 local government and 2 ID) totaling 57 acres were reported from the Northern Rockies Coordination Center. Three large incidents are currently active i MT (Roaring Lion Fire, USFS; Copper King Fire, USFS; Race Horse Gulch Fire, BIA).

Roaring Lion Fire - Last report unless significant activity occurs. Bitterroot National Forest. Five miles SW of Hamilton.
Precipitation occurred over the fire yesterday. Started 7/31. Full suppression and confine management strategy. 
Unknown cause. 
8,274 acres; 65% contained; 299 personnel; 65 structures lost; approximate cost-to-date 7.6 million. 
Vegetation is timber with minimal fire behavior. Residences and other structures threatened. 
Evacuation, road, trail and area closures in effect. Anticipated containment 9/30.

Copper King Fire - Lolo National Forest. 7 miles east of Thompson Falls. Transfer of command back to local unit will occur this Saturday 8/13. 
Started 7/31. Full suppression management strategy. Unknown cause. 
Type 2 IMT (Thompson). 
1,465 acres; 18% contained; 325 personnel; approximate cost-to-date 5.1 million, 
Burning in timber , minimal fire behavior. Residences threatened. Road, area and trail closures in effect.
Anticipated containment 10/31. 

Race Horse Gulch Fire - Flathead Agency, BIA 22 miles east of Plains. Started 8/5. Full suppression management strategy. Lightning caused. IMT3 incident Commander Trahan; 4,580 acres; 40% contained; 146 personnel; approximate cost-to-date 500 thousand. 
Burning in timber and tall grass, minimal fire behavior.
Anticipate containment 8/15.

Aug. 10, 2016
Big Sky Connection
by Suzanne Potter

HELENA, Mont. - Clean energy advocates have just launched a media blitz during the Olympics, with ads on TV and radio in Billings, Missoula and Helena praising Governor Steve Bullock's energy blueprint. The nonprofit advocacy group, called Moms Clean Air Force, is trying to bring attention to the plan, which calls for increased solar and wind production, plus additional energy efficiency measures.

Michelle Uberuaga, the Montana field manager for Moms Clean Air Force, said she particularly likes the plan because it proposes a $5 million revolving fund, accessible to schools and local governments for energy conservation projects.

"The plan has some provisions to work with Montana schools, through the Smart Schools program and that's something as a mother and as a mom's group we really like to see," she said.

The 30-second ads feature a Montana mom who works as a solar technician, underscoring the point that the renewable energy sector has the potential to grow and provide even more jobs in the future.

Uberauaga believes the federal Clean Power Plan, which is now on hold, will be upheld in the courts. But in the meantime, she'd like to see continued action on a made-in-Montana version.

"We don't have to have the Clean Power Plan for Montana to move forward to protect our air and our water," she added. "So that's why we're focusing on the governor and the governor's office."

In March, the Montana chapter of Moms Clean Air Force organized 150 school children and their parents to request a clean energy plan from Bullock. He released his blueprint in June.


Aug. 10, 2016