July 30, 2019
A runner hailing from Atlanta was assisted by a Sheriff's Search and Rescue party on Saturday.
The 45-year-old runner started out at the Fairy Lake Trailhead and hoped to run the Ridge Trail, but he became "disoriented and unsure of his location," the sheriff's office reported in a press release.
The runner was wearing shorts and did not have a rain coat .
The man's 911 call showed him to be south of Naya-Nuki peark. Rescuers spoke with him over the phone and pegged his location to be on the east side of the ridgeline. The Search and Rescue party then worked through "torrential rains" to reach the runner.
They provided the stranded man with warm clothes, and he was able to hike out accompanied by the rescue team. Once back at the trailhead, the man commented, "The professionalism and kindness of the this team is amazing," the press release quoted.
The man had taken an Uber to the trailhead. A deputy drove him back to Bozeman, the release said.